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Torrenting With PeerGaurdian2

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In the past couple years torrenting has become the craze for downloading everything from music to movies to any other type of file. I know that most of you probably used Napster back in the day and moved to kazaa, limewire, frost wire, and whatever other program you use to peer2peer. Now that torrenting has been the new way to get files it’s probably important to know who not to torrent from. I would rather not see people busted for torrenting.

If you are using windows, I would suggest Peergaurdian2 . I think it comes with one blocklist which other people have scanned through and found IP’s that could potentially track your download activity and get you in trouble if you are downloading copyrighted material. I have created my own second list which blocks even more IP’s I would suggest you do similar.

Just a heads up and hopefully it will keep you out of trouble when torrenting.