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iPhone Unlock Updated

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So I actually did get my iPhone on Friday. I was in near perfect / brand new condition. I was very happy. In my last blog I mentioned that I had found a way to unlock and jailbreak the iPhone just by uploading hacked firmware. This did not work. So here is the way I actually did it.

First I downloaded QuickPWN from http://www.quickpwn.com/ . I then plugged in my iphone and started to walk through the steps. First I needed the firmware for my iPhone. Which I found http://www.quickpwn.com/2008/11/firmware-22-download-links.html. After browsing to the file that I needed to do the jailbreak / unlock it asked me for the two binary files 3.9 and 4.6 which I have hosted here and here.

After it ran through its whole process (took about 10-15 min) I tried the foreign SIM card. Well it threw and error. “Different SIM Detected” was my error. After some poking around I found out that there was a lockdown folder that need to be replaced. I took the SIM out and went into cydia and installed openssh-server. After that I found It’s IP on the wifi network and SSH’d to it using root and alpine. (You should change this password immediately after SSHing in for the first time.) I changed directories to


Ok, I should have mentioned this earlier but you need to download a modified lockdown folder from here. After that you need to unzip it and SFTP it to your iPhone using your favorite sftp client (psftp, filezilla, etc.) I think I used filezilla because I could just drag and drop the entire lockdown folder to the iPhone. Don’t forget to backup the old lockdown folder. (I just changed the name) After that is installed I rebooted the iphone plugged the new (t-mobile and a different att) SIM into the phone and I worked.

Good work to the guys at QuickPWN and modmyi.com for making this such an easy task.