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Re-wiring Network Rack

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It has been a long time coming for this project. The network part of our rack at work needed to be re-wired. It looked like a spaghetti mess. On my defense it was like this before I got there. I assume this happens all too often with small companies growing and adding more equipment without having a network plan.

When I started planning this out I had to go a route with minimal disruption on the network. I decided to map everything out where it was and where it was going. I also did this on a holiday weekend when no one was at the office. I started with the green wires. (phone) Once those were done I moved to the blue wires. (data) I also added a third color, black. Black denotes a machine that is in the rack directly connected to the switch. The project took about 6 hours including moving servers around in the rack to make space for the additional cable management pieces.

Here are a few pictures.