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Ice Tube Clock and Metaboard Kits

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Last week I got the Ice Tube Clock kit for my birthday. (from my gf of course) I am pretty excited to assemble this over the weekend. The kit is from adafruit. You can find it here. It uses a Russian display tube, which is pretty awesome. Here is the kit after I took it out of the box.

Metaboard Kits:

Here is a few pictures of one of the metaboard kits I assembled. They were pretty easy to assemble and it took me maybe 45 minutes with distractions.

I haven’t got the chance to burn a chip with the USBaspLoader bootloader yet. I would like to do some testing on these. I know that the sketches arn’t loaded using the Tx and Rx pins on the board. This also limits you to no serial monitor output. I’m not sure if you can use soft serial to accomplish the same thing. This would be a big bummer for doing actual development, since that’s a major debugging feature.