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Making Remote Server Calls From PHP

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I was doing some php scripting today and needed to call a remote server to see if it was running a certain process. It seems like a valid enough request. I spent some time looking into php’s exec() and system() functions to find a way to call ssh to login and run the command. I kept running into the problem of the ssh session needing to be interactive. I started to look around for other options in php to ssh to remote machine and saw the SSH2 Manual. This was great but needed the ssh2 extension to be installed and in my case it wasn’t and I didn’t want to have to install additional software. I then found the phpseclib library which worked out great. It’s easy to use and worked right out of the box without any other software needed. Check it out: http://phpseclib.sourceforge.net/

You can read the documentation on the site or use this simple test script to get it working.