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Badge Prototype 1.1

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I received the 3.3v voltage regulators in today. Good thing I looked at the datasheet before swapping them out because the pinouts were different.

5v LM7805 (Top L -> R)

  1. Input
  2. GND
  3. Output

3.3v LM1117T (Top L -> R)

  1. GND
  2. Output
  3. Input

Once I swapped those out I checked the voltages. They were good, roughly 3.3v (little less). Then I wired up the LCD. I used the analog pins 5-1 because they were on top of the chip closest to the lcd header (digital pins 19-15). Now we are getting somewhere, the display lives!

Next I’m going to wire up the momentary push buttons to some inputs on the atmega. After that I’ll continue porting over some code.