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Starting a New Badge

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I have decided to start working on a new badge (possibly for DEFCON or another CON). I will continue to work on the other one as parts come in. The new badge will consist of an arduino like board (not shield compatible) a HD44780 compatible LCD, and some momentary push buttons. It will run on a 9v battery and have 5v logic. I am working on sourcing parts and laying out the board. I ordered a batch of LCD’s for cheap but didn’t look at the datasheet close enough because they are bigger than I expected. They are 122x33mm where as I was looking for ones around 80x36mm. I will be selling these off so if you want some post here and let me know.

Here’s a comparison, the top one is the new one, the bottom one is the size I’m looking for.

I have found the ones I am looking for an now have those on order. They should be here in a week or two.