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Compact Flash Apple TV (SSD)

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I have been recently been working closely with the guys from openelec. I have also been testing the builds on the apple tv and reporting bugs. I replaced the original 40gb apple drive with a spare 30gb dive I had laying around to install openelec on. If you are familiar with the 1st gen apple tv’s then you know about the heat they give off during normal use. Since I don’t store any media locally on the ATV, (stream from NAS) I have decided to try out a SSD setup.

I ordered a 44pin ide (2.5 hdd) to compact flash adapter along with a 4gb compact flash card. The adapter is nice because it has mounting holes in the same place as the 2.5in hdd. This will allow me to mount the the adapter in the same fashion as the original hard drive. I will post with some pictures and results on both heat and speed when I get it setup.