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Apple TV With Compact Flash

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I have been pretty busy these past couple months. I got a new job working with the Amazon AWS environment which has kept me pretty busy. I tried this compact flash swap a month ago with poor results. I tried it again last weekend with a faster compact flash card which was a lot better.

First I ordered a 2.5” ide 44pin to compact flash adapter and a Transcend 4gb 133 CF card. The read and write speeds on this card are terrible. I would not recommend this card for this purpose. They were listed on ebay as:

  • CF Compact flash to 2.5” IDE 44 pin Adapter SSD ($8.99)

  • TRANSCEND 4 GB Compact Flash Card Type 133X NEW ($14.94)

I later bought a “PixelFlash 4gb 400x” card. Although this was a no-name brand (at least to me) it worked pretty well. The read and write speeds were decent and are similar to the internal HDD. I swapped it into the Apple TV and I’m running a the Beta4 of the Openelec OS